How Your Health & Lifestyle Impacts Hair Growth

How Your Health & Lifestyle Impacts Hair Growth...

Being selective in what you put in your body can help support a healthy natural hair journey. Deep conditioning, getting regular trims, steaming and all other things you do to your hair helps to maintain healthy growing hair but, are you nourishing your hair follicles and strands from the inside out?

The human body is made up of 11 systems i.e. the Circulatory system, Digestive System and the Nervous system to name a few, that work to keep us alive. If we do not take care of our bodies through what we consume, these systems will not function properly. The hair growth cycle is also a system.

The body has a better ability to heal itself when it is in a healthier state. This does not just mean watching what you eat, but also making sure that you are happy and living a harmonious life. This is commonly referred to as Holistic Health. One must take care of the whole being (mind, body and spirit) to maintain a grounded state and a new love (oneness love). 

There are FIVE things that you can start doing today to help support your healthy hair journey.  

1. Eat Healthier:

Everything in your body is in place to support your life on earth. What you consume can nurture or throw your body systems off. This can result in hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies in Zinc, Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and iron are the most important to support the natural hair growth cycle. You can learn whether or not you have these deficiencies by visiting your doctor. It is important to eat a healthy diet. I personally do not like to refer to it as a diet. I prefer to call it a lifestyle as everything needs to be done in moderation. I do not always eat healthy options but I refuse to beat myself up for indulging in something here or there. What I am learning is swapping my go to snacks for better alternatives. Smoothies are easy to make and are a great option for consuming nutritious vitamins and minerals. If sitting down to enjoy a bowl of your favourite fruits and veggies is too much, you can blend it up and drink it. Your body will thank you for it.

2. Pour into Your Happiness Cup:

If you do not take care of your soul/spirit, you may begin to feel emotions that do not support a positive energy. Thoughts and states of feeling exhausted, depressed, and stressed to name a few can take a toll on your health. It is important that you nurture this part of you.

Some ways that I nurture my spirit is by spending time in nature, taking social media breaks, spending time with my family (no phones, tablets or computers), laying on a blanket at the park staring at the birds flying in the sky, writing, sightseeing, getting a massage and whatever I can do to keep me grounded and smiling more than frowning. I also read spiritual books, attend spiritual centres for an uplifting word and meditate.

We must not assume that we have forever to enjoy life. The time that matters is right now as the only moment that exists is right now. So, do not miss another moment to make your spirit smile.

3. Moisturise:

Keeping your hair moist is important, especially during Winter when the conditions can break your hair. There are two methods that are used when moisturising our hair; the LOC method or the LCO Method. There are similar methods just done in a different order. This method is a technique for moisturising kinky and coily hair. It starts by hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is the liquid, you then seal in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to lock the hair cuticle which then prevents moisture loss. 

4. Manage Your Stress Levels:

Stress is a common factor in hair loss. With so many women wearing multiple hats and many having restless nights, it is pretty obvious why stress can be a factor for many. We stress about our jobs, family issues, financial issues, tomorrow, dinner, etc. YA decision needs to be made on whether certain things are worth stressing over, especially when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Some things you can try to help reduce stress are; trust the process, write about it, sing about it, meditate, eat a nourishing meal, exercise and spend time with someone who pours into you.

5. Use Safer Hair Products:

Chemicals in products can be harmful to your outer and inner health. Parabens, sulfates and fragrances are just some of the most common chemicals in hair and beauty products. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions, vision problems and contribute to dis-ease.

Making your own hair products is one of the best ways to avoid these chemicals. This can be fun and educational for you. Many products have a long list of ingredients consisting of words that are hard to pronounce. DIY products can give you the comfort of knowing that you are using healthier ingredients. It can also save you money as most of your ingredients can be found right in your kitchen.

If making your own hair products is too complicated, you can always opt to buying safer products. There are many companies that provide safer options. You can find an array of products at farmers market stores and online by googling organic or natural products. There are many smaller businesses as well that provide safer options. Instagram is a great option for finding these smaller businesses. You can search using hashtags and find a company that best suits you.

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Contributor: Shaqwania Dixon
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