Africa Fashion Week London 2017

African Attire, Vibrant Colours, Patterns and Head Wraps...

Hello my Melanin Kings and Queens, I’m throwing this blog post back to a couple of weeks ago when I attended Africa Fashion Week London for the first time courtesy of Ms Hair .  I wasn’t aware that it has been showing for about seven years. Where have I been all this time!?

Before I entered into the building, I noticed a sea of men and women dressed in African attire- vibrant colours, patterns and head wraps bouncing around Central London. The vibe was buzzing and this was definitely the cultural event not to be missed!

Not to get too emotional or sentimental but it was moving and empowering to see African businesses, entrepreneurs and designers coming together - truly amazing and inspiring!  If you weren’t lucky to attend this year to witness all this awesomeness don’t worry, I got you! 

See below for my favourite styled fashion pieces from some of the collections.

Designer:  TUBO  

Country: Ghana |  Style: Smart & Elegant. Known for redesigning traditional African bridal-wear

"The Tubo woman is bold, sexy and empowered. She is the perfect blend of fragility, femininity and strength. She carries herself with grace as she strides to achieve anything she dares to without fear of failure. She is unapologetically in a different class of her own" - Yasss I'm so here for this! #womenempowerwomen

I loved these two dresses. Sexy yet sophisticated, sassy yet stylish! You can really see and appreciate the silhouette of the female body. I'm representing team curvy ladies! The first dress almost reminds me of a wedding dress without the veil - I'll definitely be pinning a cut out of this on my dream wedding vision board. 

Country:  Nigeria |  Style:  Western, Traditional and Elegant 

I did like the colour palette of this collection, very 'Bridesmaid-esque'. I'm not sure what's up with me and these wedding comparisons but whenever I think of wedding attire, I think elegant, classy and fun, like this collection. The dress on the left is absolutely gorgeous and I especially like the lace detail at the top with the see through sides-showing a bit skin is always hot.

Designer: Tobams Colors

Country:  Britain |  Style:  Creating identity by infusing British clothing with African wax prints

"Our products have been designed with versatility in mind. We have aimed to blend African culture with everyday trends using African Super Wax customised prints and contemporary designs" - For me this is great. You can be westernised whilst still remembering your roots.

Now this collection is completely different to my first two. This collection had more of an urban, casual feel to it. It's also quite loud and vibrant - a style with personality. The skirt was my favourite as the whole outfit just screamed out #girlboss. The menswear was nice too and as us women can get away with wearing men's hoodies and jumpers from time to time, I could see myself wrapped up in one of them, paired with ripped jeans and Van trainers just chilling.

Final Word

If you're looking to go next year and you're a creative individual and are into networking, I would say print yourself some business cards, pack your camera and just enjoy. My best advice would be to get there quite early so that you can get a good seat, my pictures were not as good as I would have liked them to be because of where I was sitting. The front row or just behind is always a good shout, that way you get to really capture the essence of the catwalk.

I can't decide between the three collections which is my favourite as they are all very different in style but match my personality so I guess I like them all!

Which of the styles or collections above could you see yourself wearing?  Leave a comment below.

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  • Sep 28, 2017
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