4 Months Into Motherhood...

"Hi I’m Sonia, twenty-something with an obsession of all things beauty, juggling motherhood and work whilst trying to look and feel good doing it!

I'm going to be talking about what my body has gone through since giving birth. My hair has fallen out, postpartum hair loss is real because the amount of hair that was falling out every time I washed my hair, and every time I combed my hair was ridiculous and I just thought cut it so I did and I love it.

I haven't had the strongest edges in my life and this hasn't helped at all but hopefully they'll come back. I think cutting my hair kinda blends them out a little bit because you could really tell my edges were gone when my hair was longer. The thing is, I don’t really wear my hair out, I normally just do wigs or head scarfs, because I'm not really confident about my edges."

Then, I Discovered Hair Foundation

"If you're struggling with your edges like I am or thinning hair this product will change your life!"

"What you actually get with the purchase is the actual Hair Foundation Fibers which come with this really useful pump, then you'll get the fixing spray which sets the fibers on to your hair and this lasts probably until after you wash it out.

The thing that I love about Ms Hair is that the application is so natural and it just honestly looks like your hair."

Watch How I Got My Edges Back From Postpartum Hairloss

Here's What Hair Experts Are Saying

Stephanie Sey

Trichologist, Hair & Scalp Specialist

"One of my favourite interim solutions is using Hair Fibres such as Ms Hair. They work by adhering to the hair on the scalp and can mask any patches, which means you can wear your hair in its natural way. I recommend it to my clients, they love it!"

Dr Ingrid Wilson

Doctor & Trichologist

"From the hairstyling point of view, you could use camouflage fibres to cover up the thin areas... I find the most cost-effective option is Ms Hair. This UK black-owned company was set up to help conceal balding by using camouflage fibres. "

95% Of Women Feel More Confident After Using Our Hair Foundation Kit.

95% Of Women Feel More Confident After Using Our Hair Foundation Kit.