5 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

What Is Collagen and Why You Need It?

Collagen is the most common type of protein in humans. It accounts for nearly 35% of all the protein in the body, and can be found in rigid structures like bones, tendons and ligaments.

But here’s the bad news:

Collagen levels drop dramatically as we age since the body increasingly struggles to absorb adequate amounts of the nutrients needed to make it.

Therefore, a deficiency in dietary sources of collagen can lead to problems throughout the body. Ranging from superficial issues like hair losing thickness and becoming dry or brittle. You may notice more breakage and slower growth, caused by lower protein within the hair follicles.

Skin typically loses its youthful glow, becoming duller and dryer with more visible wrinkles.

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Consistency is key to achieving noticeable results. Consume a daily dose of 25ml, you can drink it neat or mix it in water, juices or smoothies.

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