Is Collagen Worth the Hype?

Here are 5 of its most powerful benefits...

Collagen has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. But have you been wondering what exactly it is, and how it can benefit you? Read on to discover the answers below…

What Is Collagen?

Let’s start with the basics.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the main component of our skin, muscles, bones, ligaments and blood vessels.

Think of your skin as being a mattress. Collagen is the frame that’s around your mattress and gives it the necessary support, shape and structure. It is essential for our skin elasticity and plumpness.

Unfortunately, as we age our bodies produce about 1% less collagen with each passing year, and we consume far less of it through our diets.

Therefore supplementing with a quality source of collagen is essential to keeping our bodies strong and healthy. 

Where is Collagen Found?

Collagen can also be found in animals including chickens, cows and fish.

At Ms Hair, we only use Type 1 Marine Collagen derived entirely from fish.

Many studies have shown that Marine Collagen has the highest, most bioavailable source of collagen available on the market making it easily digestible than other types of collagen.

Below are some of the amazing health and beauty benefits of marine collagen...

1. Promotes Hair Growth:

Here’s the bad news: collagen levels drop dramatically as we age. Without a top-up, hair can become thinner and more brittle.

You’ll also notice more breakage and slower growth, caused by lower protein levels (known as Keratin) within the hair follicles and strands. 

Marine collagen nourishes the pores on your scalp, allowing your hair to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients, creating an abundance of growth and thickness. It also keeps the hair strands strong and hydrated.

2. Supports Skin Health:

One of the most noticeable effects of declining collagen levels is found in the skin, including wrinkles and fine lines.

Several review studies have determined that orally consumed collagen supplements have been shown to improve collagen density in the skin and increase skin elasticity and hydration.

This helps the skin to look noticeably younger and more radiant with fewer wrinkles.

3. Promotes Healthier Bones & Joints:

The loss of bone mass is one of the most common signs of ageing and can lead to osteoporosis. Making sure we have enough calcium is essential to maintaining bone strength.

Studies have shown that marine collagen may help the absorption of calcium and other minerals that are essential for bone strength.

And since collagen is the main protein found in joints and connective tissue, daily supplementation of it can help to reduce joint pains and improve function.

4. Supports Gut Health:

Not only is marine collagen easily digestible, but it also supports your gut, due to its amino acid makeup, which includes glycine and glutamine.

These amino acids are particularly helpful, as they both play a role in supporting the tissue that lines the digestive tract.

Glycine has been linked with helping reduce inflammatory gut conditions, and glutamine is necessary for the health of the enterocytes, or epithelial cells, that line the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Improves Weight Loss:

Consumption of protein has been shown to help decrease hunger and improve satiety.

As a healthy protein source, marine collagen can help suppress appetite by keeping you feeling full longer. If you aren’t as hungry, this can then help you eat less to better manage your weight.

Which Collagen Supplement Should I Take?

Our Hair Boost Collagen Drink is a fantastic 5-Star rated option that includes Pure Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, Biotin & Hyaluronic Acid (plus much more). It's a delicious berry drink bursting with all the nutrients your body needs for healthier, longer hair and youthful, glowing skin.

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