Hair Foundation Kit (Plus Free Gift)

Includes Free Limited Edition Travel BagWorth: £9.99 "It's now a product I refuse to live without! Hair implants in a bottle.” — Shakira H. If you’re struggling with thinning hair the Hair Foundation Kit has...

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Includes Free Limited Edition Travel Bag
Worth: £9.99

"It's now a product I refuse to live without! Hair implants in a bottle.” — Shakira H.

If you’re struggling with thinning hair the Hair Foundation Kit has got you covered and will instantly revive the appearance of hairloss. It's made from natural hair fibres that resemble the texture of real hair, giving you a completely undetectable and natural-looking coverage. 

✓ Restores Your Confidence Immediately

✓ Gives Freedom To Wear Hair Out Naturally

✓ Sweat-proof & Water Resistant

✓ Long-lasting, Up To 3 Days Coverage

✓ Made From Natural Ingredients

✓ Does Not Stain Clothing Or Bedding


1. Hair Foundation Fibres (12g): Our hair fibres are made from keratin and natural plant extracts. Each fibre is statically charged to bond to your existing hair, making your hair look naturally thicker and fuller.

2. Fixing Spray (60ml): Our Melon & Kiwi scented Fixing Spray is fast drying and provides a strong-hold, securing the hair fibres to your hair. It smells amazing and provides a natural shine finish with humidity resistance. Use the spray to make your hairstyle last longer.

3. Applicator Pump: Allows you to apply the Hair Foundation Fibres with more precision and ease. It’s perfect to use in thinner and more difficult to reach areas like the crown or your edges. Use the Applicator Pump to evenly apply the hair fibres for a smoother more natural-looking coverage.

4. Edge Perfector: Designed as a guide to ensure the hair fibres are applied in a pattern that replicates your natural hairline. This is especially useful if you have thinning edges or a receding hairline. Additionally, it can prevent the hair fibres from falling onto your forehead or clothing.

5. (Free Gift) Limited Edition Travel Bag: Made from high-quality transparent PVC material with a sturdy zipper. It will keep your items free from moisture, spills and dirt. Plus you can store additional cosmetics items inside due to its large capacity.

* Please note: this Kit does not include the Ms Hair Edge Control 100ml


Keratin, Gossypium Herbaceum (Plant Extract), Antistatic Agent, Ammonium Bicarbonate.



Step 1 - Preparation: Hold the Hair Foundation Fibre bottle firmly and upright, remove the sifter by carefully twisting upwards. Then place the Applicator Pump on top of the bottle twisting downwards until the pump is secured in place.

Step 2 - Application: On dry hair, hold the bottle 3-5 inches above the target area. Spray gently over the target area until you achieve your desired look.

Step 3 - Fixing Spray: For a longer-lasting hold, use the Fixing Spray to secure the Hair Foundation to your hair. Position the bottle approximately 3-5 inches above the target area and apply two short sprays, use the Edge Perfector to cover your forehead while spraying.