“The Hair Foundation Kit Is An Absolute Life Saver!”

"The Hair Foundation Kit is an absolute life saver! I normally use eyeshadow to fill in the patch at the side of my head, but it still doesn't make it look natural. The hair foundation makes my hairline look full and very natural! So undetectable! I can now do all my hairstyles with confidence knowing I have my Ms Hair foundation Kit!"

By Shantania Beckford

“Now I Feel So Free, I Can Leave My Hair Out & Do Any Type Of Natural Hairstyle I Want.”  

"I chose to use the Hair Foundation Fibres because I felt restricted with the type of hairstyles I could do because of my thinning hair. The Fibres look so natural people can't tell that I have them on. I just love this product"

By Ornella

"Such A Confidence Booster, I Can Show Off My Hairline Again!"

"The hair fibres were applied by my hairstylist with ease and they bonded well with my hair and lasted over 72 hours. Plus I got a few compliments from my friends. I'm impressed."

By Remee