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Welcome to the Official Ms Hair Brand Ambassador Program 🖤

This is your opportunity to get 50% OFF our best-selling product and earn a generous compensation package!

Please note that this offer is exclusively available for ambassadors. To claim your 50% discount, simply follow these steps:

1. Add the Hair Boost Collagen Drink to your cart.

2. Proceed to the checkout page.

3. Fill out all the required information.

4. Enter the 50% discount code you received on Instagram.

5. Apply the discount code to your order and complete payment.

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Here at Ms Hair, we believe in the power of authentic connections and the strength of our community. We want to partner with content creators to create social magic and spread the word about our exceptional products.

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Explore Our Bestselling Product!

Hair Boost Collagen Drink

Ambassador Only Discount

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Flavour: Juicy Mixed Berries
1 Bottle (20 Day Supply)
Bottle Size: 500ml


£19.99 £39.99

(£0.99 Per Day)


40 Day Money-back Guarantee

Happiness Guarantee

At Ms Hair, we're not just a business; we're a family, and we treat our customers like family too. That's why we offer a no-questions money-back guarantee if you don't see the results you're looking for within 40 days.

We're confident that our Hair Boost Collagen Drink will work wonders for you. Most customers experience longer, thicker hair, glowing skin, stronger nails, reduced joint pains, and an overall boost to their well-being in just 40 days. Plus, our delightful flavour will make every sip a treat for your senses.

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Before & After

See a real difference within weeks

"I was sold by the tons of GOOD reviews, I practically read them all! I've been taking it for over a month and I'm so happy with the difference its made to the health and growth of my hair."

Janet J. Verified Buyer

"The Hair Boost drink is a must-have! I immediately noticed a difference in my hair with thicker strands and better length retention. My skin is glowing and looking more youthful. I love it."

Emma G. Verified Buyer

"I have to say my skin looks clearer and a lot more radiant. My pores are smaller and my face feels smoother. I have recommended it to all my friends, as they regularly ask me what I use."

Wendy B. Verified Buyer

We're all about using top-notch ingredients and making products that not only taste fantastic but also enhance your beauty and health. Our Hair Boost Drink is loaded with 10g of Premium Marine Collagen, and the best part? It's sugar, carb, and fat-free.

Dairy Free

Sugar Free

Nut & Soy Free

Gluten Free

Natural Flavour

100% Halal

"Just one sip a day has made me look & feel years younger!"

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 Stimulates Hair Growth

Want longer, healthier hair? Our blend of high-quality B vitamins and Marine Collagen stimulates growth for the most stubborn of hair follicles.

 Promotes Glowing Skin

Achieve a radiant, age-defying look with our formula featuring Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles.

 Strengthens Brittle Nails

Make brittle nails a thing of the past! Our drink is enriched with essential vitamins and Biotin to fortify your nails for strength and resilience.

 Joints & Immune Health

Boost your immune system with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K. Replenished collagen levels will reduce joint pains and discomfort.

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How To Use
(In 3 easy steps)


First, give your Hair Boost Collagen Drink a good shake.



Next, fill the measuring cup provided to the brim.


Drink straight from the cup or mix it into water or smoothies.

Packed With 16 Beauty Boosting Ingredients

We have meticulously chosen only the finest, scientifically sound ingredients, ensuring long-term results that are second to none.

See Why Our Customers Love It


The Difference is Clear

(Here’s a comparison, but nothing out there really compares)

Hair Boost Collagen DrinkOther Collagen Supplements
 Visible results in 40 days, hair growth, glowing skin & stronger nails.❌ Limited results or benefits, leaving you unsatisfied.
✅ 16 premium clinically-proven ingredients for maximum effectiveness. ❌ Lower-quality ingredients, lacking a range of essential nutrients.
✅ Delicious berry flavoured drink, making your daily sip a pleasure.❌ Unpleasant taste and odor, discouraging consistent use.
✅ Quick and easy to consume, as a liquid its ideal for busy lifestyles.❌ Inconvenient pills or powder require more time and effort to consume.
✅ Backed by our 40 days Money Back Guarantee.❌ No guarantees, leaving you with financial risk if unsatisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

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