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Are you struggling with thinning hair due to Alopecia, Pregnancy, Medications or Ageing? The Hair Foundation Kit is a quick solution to make your hairline look fuller within seconds. Giving you the Edges you’ve always dreamed of!

How To Use

So Simply, It Takes Seconds To Apply!

Step 1: Application

Hold the bottle above the target area and slowly press down on the Pump.

Step 2: Style & Finish

Use our Fixing Spray to secure the Hair Foundation in place, apply two short sprays for a perfert hold.

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Get 20% OFF Your Order Today

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“If your struggling with edges or thinning hair this product will change your life!” - Sonia Muneri

"I normally use eyeshadow to fill in the patch at the side of my head, but it still doesn't make my hair look natural. I can now do all my hairstyles with confidence!” - Shantania Beckford

"So impressed by how easy it is to use... I really enjoyed using it and I love the way its made my hairline look.” - Uche Natori