Top 5 Summer Hairstyles For Black Women

Has Summer Officially Ended?

The storm has arrived and the rain and thunder have now graced us with their presence. It’s not all doom and gloom, let’s take it back a notch to when the Sun was out. I went on a baecation with the boyfriend to Greece this summer and I was indecisive on how I wanted to style my hair. 

Last year we went to Malta and I had a weave- it was hot. I vowed to myself that I wasn’t going to do that again in that heat!  So this year I made up my mind to have my hair plaited for the holiday and I picked Ghana braids - this was the best decision I could have made. The cornrows kept my hair untangled while swimming and protected from the heat. To keep my edges laid I used the Hair Foundation Kit , this allowed my hairline to look fuller and slayed for days.

Looking for some inspiration on how to rock your hair this season, these are my top Summer hairstyles for Afro Textured hair.


Ghana braids come in all different styles, shapes and colours. I just picked the basic design at first as I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out but I think they actually suited me. Did I mention that I’m half Ghanaian too! To spice things up, I did add a pop of colour.  I love the hairstyle so much that when I came back from holiday, I got them redone again. 

How long does the style last? The Ghana Braids generally lasts for up to two weeks...(three weeks if you're lucky!)

Maintenance: I made sure that my stylist didn't pull too tight on my baby hairs. My edges need to breathe! I would tie my hair into a ponytail, clip it up and then wrap it in a satin headscarf to lock in moisture and keep it neat when sleeping.


Now I’m not really a huge fan of locks but these are absolutely gorgeous! To the point where I may actually give it a go. I like the added jewellery pieces-they remind me of my African heritage and I think it adds character to a versatile style.

How long does the style last?  These Faux Locs can last for up to three months with regular touch ups around the hairline every four weeks.


Wrap up your locs in a satin headscarf when going to bed. Be sure to find a secure fit so that it can hug your locs in nicely keeping them moist.


Crochet plaits are great if you like the natural texture and look of kinky or curly hair. These plaits are a lot more centred around natural hair because the plaits look similar to one’s real hair, which is perfect if you're someone who doesn’t like straight European weave.  There are different types of crocheting - as the hair is loose you can change the styles from having actual plaits to coloured curls and afro. 

How long does the style last? Crochet braids can last up to two months but this can vary  depending on the style of crochet braid and the quality of the hair used.

Maintenance:  Add moisturising spray between your scalp and your braids to prevent dryness and knots. Sleeping with a satin headscarf or on a silk pillowcase will keep your hair intact and fresh.


Box braids seem to be quite a popular style, especially for holidays. They are similar to normal single braids plaited with synthetic hair - the only difference is that the parting of the hair is in a box shaped style. Be careful when choosing the thickness of the braids; make sure it depends on the density of your hair. If you can get this method right you'll be able to whip your hair back and forth without it being a chore. There's nothing worse than carrying a heavy load on your head!

How long does the style last? Box braids can typically be left in for two months.

Maintenance:  Spray a daily moisturiser or conditioning spray onto your scalp and the hair as synthetic hair tends to dry out. As your natural hair is also intertwined, it's important that you keep both hair textures moist to prevent breakage to your hair.


Bantu knots have entered the fashion world by storm. A style that originated from Africa and has been a part of African heritage is being seen worn by many on the catwalks and celebrities which has caused some controversy.

I think this style is cute and playful, adding a little bit of sass!  

How long does the style last? The knots can last for several days but your hair has to be well moisturised, preferably with a moisturiser that has a light hold so that the curls can drop.

Maintenance:  Make sure you don't over twist on the knots as this can cause breakage and add pressure to the scalp. Twist lightly and preserve the style with a satin pillowcase or bonnet.

Final Word

Protective styling works wonders when you don't neglect your natural hair. When I was younger, I used to perm my hair so I could slick it back. But as I grew older, I realised that our natural hair is truly beautiful and we don't have to change that, but what we can do is enhance it with our cultured hairstyles that embrace our heritage.

Contributor: Azania
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